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We perform feed analyses daily to provide livestock owners with the nutritional information they need to adjust, balance, monitor, and evaluate forage and feed quality. Testing for protein, fat, fiber, and minerals are just some of the standard analyses we conduct in this area.

Feed Analysis Packages

ID Description
F1 Moisture and Crude Protein $15.00
F2 Moisture, Crude Protein, Acid Detergent Fiber, TDN, Net Energy* $21.00
F3 Moisture, Crude Protein, Acid Detergent Fiber, Available Protein (Crude Protein-ADF Protein**), TDN, Net Energy* $33.00
F4 Moisture, Crude Protein, Acid Detergent Fiber, Neutral Detergent Fiber, TDN, Net Energy*, DDM, DMI, Relative Feed Value (for hays & haylages) $30.00
F5 Moisture, Aluminum, Boron, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfur, Zinc $20.00
FNO3P Moisture, Nitrate-Nitrogen, Feeding Interpretations $17.00

Pet Treat Analysis

ID Description
FPET1 Proximate Analysis (Moisture, Crude Protein, Crude Fiber, Crude Fat, Ash) $45.00

* Please indicate animal species (beef, dairy, equine, swine) for energy estimation

**ADF Crude Protein equivalent to heat-damaged protein

Reports and data available by e-mail and eDocs

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