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Jamie Bultemeier

Director of Sales & Marketing Agronomist

Jamie Bultemeier has farming in his blood. He grew up on a farm near Hoagland, Indiana, went to school to learn the science of farming, and still lives on a farm today. He and his wife produce grain crops and poultry products on their land.

Jamie joined A&L Great Lakes in 2013, serving as an agronomist with a focus on production agriculture. Before that, Jamie worked for a large equipment manufacturer where he was responsible for the promotion of agronomic and technology-based solutions to crop producers and provided technical support for tillage, seeding, sprayers, nutrient application, and technology products. 

Jamie earned a B.S. in Soil and Crop Science and a M.S. in Weed Science and Soil Fertility from Purdue University. He is a Certified Crop Advisor and Certified Professional Agronomist.

At A&L Great Lakes, we’re quite proud that our Director of Sales & Marketing isn’t really a salesperson at all; he’s a born farmer, and a trained agronomist and crop advisor. That tells you an awful lot about where our company’s priorities lie: in the fields of our customers.

When Jamie isn’t working at A&L Great Lakes or farming his land, he likes to work on anything with an engine, whether it needs it or not.

Relationships. They’re the most important things we help grow.

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