Every Sample Matters

At A&L Great Lakes, we don’t merely provide analytical data; we provide actionable information. Information that our customers can utilize to improve the way they do business. We see every sample as an opportunity. When we do our jobs well, it gives our customers the chance to be more successful. 

Soil Analysis
Soils are complex, dynamic, and highly variable systems. Modern nutrient management is focused on efficiency, getting the greatest possible crop production while reducing economic and environmental losses. You cannot manage what you don't measure.
Plant Analysis
While soil testing is the cornerstone of nutrient management, soil testing alone offers an incomplete picture. Growing crops are an excellent barometer of how well a fertility program is working. Knowing what is going into the crop is excellent companion information to what is available to the crop.
Feed Analysis
Designing an effective and efficient nutritional program for your livestock begins with knowing what is in those components. Feed materials, especially forages, can be highly variable in terms of their nutritional composition, and can be affected by a number of factors, from weather to harvesting factors.
Fertilizer & Lime Analysis
Nutrient inputs are a major cost of producing a crop. Whether a producer needing to verify an analysis or a retail or wholesaler needing to validating a blend, knowing the nutrient content is critical.
Manure Analysis
Manure has been used for millennia by producers to improve their crops, even though they have historically not understood the value of manure. In today's environmental and economic environment, there is a new appreciation for using manure and other waste products. These can be highly variable, so knowing their nutrient content is paramount to wise and efficient utilization.
Compost Analysis
If you are thinking about making compost, specifying compost, or purchasing compost, you need to know its exact composition. A&L Great Lakes is one of only a select few laboratories in the U.S. that has been STA (Seal of Testing Assurance) certified. Protect your yield and your investment with our certified compost testing and analysis.
Water Analysis

Water quality is often overlooked in agricultural production. Whether used for irrigation, as a carrier for pesticides, or as a nutrient carrier, a myriad of factors can affect the effectiveness of water for a given purpose. We have analytical packages that are designed to determine the quality of your water for a number of uses.

Lawn & Garden Analysis

We can help both master gardeners and "green thumbed" homeowners to create greener lawns and healthier plantings.

Greenhouse Media
Soil analyses are not appropriate for soilless growing media, as many greenhouse and nursery producers employ. We provide analyses specifically intended for these materials to help customers better understand and manage their operations.

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