Greg Neyman: Vice President and COO

Greg Neyman

Vice President and COO

Those who understand a business best usually start at the bottom.

Greg Neyman began his tenure at A&L Great Lakes as a laboratory technician more than 25 years ago, performing many of the routine tasks in the lab. Fast-forward two and a half decades later, and Greg is now the COO of the entire company. Greg’s lengthy tenure tells you a lot about his tenacity, a lot about what a great place A&L Great Lakes is to work, and a lot about how valuable a resource Greg is based on everything he’s seen and achieved in the agricultural services industry.

As COO, Greg guides the overall operations of the very lab that he started in, ensuring that all quality control and assurance protocols are strictly followed. In addition, he oversees the technology component of A&L Great Lakes, making sure that all company networks and computer systems are current, safe, and reliable.

Greg is originally from Butler, Pennsylvania. He has a strong background in fundamental science, and earned a dual major B.S. in Chemistry and Business from Anderson University in 1987. In addition, he earned a M.S. in Quality Assurance from California State University-Dominquez Hills in 2002. 

Greg is a fervent sports fan, and enjoys watching his beloved Steelers and Pirates in action. He also enjoys playing various sports, including softball and golf.

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