Martin Snodgrass

Director of Laboratory Operations


Every day is a chance to get better, so why wouldn’t you?

Despite growing up on his family’s farm just outside Muncie, Indiana, Marty took a rather non-traditional path before arriving at A&L Great Lakes over a decade ago. Born with a natural affinity for all things mechanical, Marty took his Chemistry degree from Ball State University and went to work in the automotive industry for 25 years, focusing on quality control and assurance. Marty’s area of expertise centered on processes - specifically on how to implement and improve them to maximize productivity - obviously an invaluable skill in any industry. 


As Director of Lab Operations, Marty has played a significant role in the dramatic transformation of the A&L Great Lakes lab, which has tripled its capacity during his tenure. With an emphasis on efficiency, the A&L lab can now serve the needs of so many more clients than it ever has before. 

When Marty isn’t fine-tuning the workflow in the A&L lab, he’s likely tinkering with some kind of motorized vehicle at his home. Either that, or he’s spending time with his wife, 3 children, and a growing gaggle of grandkids.



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