Experts in Our Field. Results in Your. 

A&L Great Lakes has been providing agricultural testing services to domestic and international clients for decades. But it didn’t take us nearly that long to realize the work we do extends well beyond testing data. It impacts lives. For us, that’s a big responsibility to have, but also a great opportunity. With accurate testing and analysis, a uniquely personal approach to service, and a commitment to doing the right test the right way, we’ve seen the kind of difference we make in our clients’ lives. It’s an opportunity we appreciate every day.

Not Quite as Old as Dirt.

A&L Great Lakes was established to provide agricultural analyses to the Great Lakes region. Originally, A&L Great Lakes was part of a network of A&L laboratories that included nine different facilities around the country. In 2002, we became an independent lab.

Since heading out on our own, we’ve committed to staying at the forefront of the agricultural services industry. We’ve continually invested in our testing and analytical capabilities to include all of the latest technologies and equipment plus a wide variety of sample matrices, including soils, plants, feed, fertilizer, manures, and composts. Today, we are A&L Great Lakes in name only. At present, we serve clients all over the United States plus clients around the globe.

As much as things have changed for us, the one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to our clients. We’re not a group that just coldly samples and analyses data in our lab. Instead, we like to establish personal relationships with our clients, engage with them, be a confidante if so desired, and ultimately be a partner in their pursuit of success. In addition to our analysis, this personal approach really seems to define who we are. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty in the name of successful outcomes, and our clients appreciate it. That’s why many of them have been with us for decades. We look forward to many more successful decades to come.

Relationships. They’re the most important things we help grow.