“The service A & L provides is unmatched in the industry. Everything including support from the lab on submitted samples and access to sample results from Jamie and David hosting soil workshops has made my experience with their services extremely satisfactory. Keep up the great work!”

Justin Krick,


“We started using A&L Great Lake labs several years ago. We “shopped around” a couple of other labs before fully coming on board. The other labs did a fine job; however, a couple of key factors why we moved all our business here. Quality, friendly professional staff, fair pricing, location, night drop off, lab software syncs to our software which gain speed and efficiency on our end, winter CCA training, and they attend our grower meetings to help promote our goals. Jennifer and I truly feel that A&L Great Lakes Laboratories are not just a service provider but a vital partner to the success of our business.”

Erich and Jennifer Eller,

ForeFront Ag Solutions

“At A&L Great Lakes you’re treated like family by the entire staff! This gives me the confidence that I can trust they always have our best interest at the forefront of everything they do!”

Matt Sullivan,

Keystone Cooperative

“A&L Great Lakes has been an excellent company to work with since we started using them as our soil testing lab in 2017. Their staff is always knowledgeable and happy to assist in any way they can. Their soil testing is of the highest standards and extremely accurate, dependable, and timely. I have worked with many different soil testing labs and I can hands down say that A&L is the best in the business and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Ryan Powell,

Ag Info Tech, LLC

"Doing business with A&L Great Lakes has been a great partnership for us. Their service is quick, but dependable… Everyone has always been very helpful and knowledgeable. I know the results are accurate, and our customers are impressed at how fast they are getting their results."

Stephanie Erny,

The Andersons

"We depend on A&L Great Lakes to deliver accurate information. They’ve been leaders in electronic data delivery. We know they’ll do the correct procedures/analyses. If we need specific data, a phone call or email is all it takes to get it done… Looking forward to many more years of business."

Melvin Nicholson,

Nicholson Consulting Services LLC

"The staff at A&L Great Lakes has been great over the last 10 years that I have been working with them. They’re always responsive and very helpful… I will always rely on them for local agronomic expertise for the Midwest market."

Industry Professional

"I have been working with A&L Great Lakes for almost twenty years, and my father has worked with them for over thirty. They have been our go-to lab for research projects and farmer customers. We know when we get numbers from A&L Great Lakes that they are accurate and precise. A&L has and continues to lead the industry with its proactive approach to analytical quality and data management. Plus, they are just a pleasure to work with. They genuinely care about doing the right things and doing them well. Their integrity has been an integral part of our integrity."

Industry Professional

"A&L Great Lakes has been our lab of choice since January 2003. We originally came to A&L Great Lakes looking for quality lab results that were industry cost competitive and had a quick turnaround; A&L Great Lakes was that lab. Another challenge soon upon us was working with a lab that would stay current with advances in computer technology an data delivery options; again A&L Great Lakes was that lab.

Today, we are very pleased with A&L Great Lakes' expansion commitment in meeting lab volume demands during peak fall and spring soil analysis periods, as well as staying current with a competent, knowledgable staff in the ever changing field of agriculture.

We know we can depend on A&L Great Lakes."

Paul Gordon,

Gordon Ag Group, Inc.

"I attended your soils meeting in Champaign earlier this week and just want to say thank you.  It was a refreshing topic, and the guys presented a lot of relevant and informative material.  Well worth my time."

Eric Miller

Monticello, IL

Relationships. They’re the most important things we help grow.