A&L Great Lakes Sets New Direction

Randall Warden:  President and CEO, AgronomistToday at the Great Lakes Expo, A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, an elite provider of agricultural testing and analysis services throughout the Midwest, unveiled its new brand.

The firm distilled its essence through a comprehensive brand-discovery process that led A&L Great Lakes Laboratories to recognize that the scientific and agronomic depth at the heart of its business benefits customers more because the company delivers its services with a human touch.

A&L Great Lakes’ lab services include soil analysis, as well as plant, feed, fertilizer, manure, compost and water analysis that help row-crop, produce and livestock producers improve outcomes.

“When we analyzed our own business, we realized that the sciences we excel at are only one element of the services we offer customers,” said Randall Warden, president, A&L Great Lakes Laboratories. “At A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, customers find people they can trust and tests they can rely on – done right, the first time, every time. A competent lab can run numbers. But if you need help with the numbers, we’re the lab that will pick up the phone and explain how the numbers apply to your operations.”

Warden said the brand development process has helped the company set a clear direction for the future. “Our strength transcends the science we practice – it’s the human focus we provide in the relationships with our customers,” he explained. “We’re the lab with scientists who will join agricultural producers and providers in the field. We’re the lab with scientists who aren’t afraid to roll up the sleeves on our lab coats and get dirty.”

According to Warden, as part of the company’s focus on the factors that distinguish the A&L Great Lakes Laboratories brand, regardless of the laboratory or testing services customers need, they will find doing business with A&L Great Lakes Laboratories easy and uncomplicated. “We will develop and grow our relationships, from traditional vendor and resource provider to a higher, trusted partnership level and all that embodies,” he said.

Relationships. They’re the most important things we help grow.