Looking Back on 2023…

As 2023 comes to a close, 2023 has brought a wealth of challenges and successes. It seems that each year that passes, unique challenges seem to follow. While 2023 was marked with a cold spring bringing planting delays, a dry summer bringing us crop nutrition challenges and led to higher than desired grain moisture for much of the ALGL region, let’s take a moment to reflect on the positive aspects of 2023.

Despite all of the challenges this growing season, yields were good to excellent in most areas, but better than expected everywhere. The dry weather showed us where our weak links might be in our fertility plans to help us make improvements for next year. While we all might not have had the number of staff members we would like to have, the work still got done.

For ALGL, 2023 marks new records. A record number of soil, plant, and manure samples were processed at the laboratory this year, including the highest number samples processed in a month for two of the three sample types. This is the second time records have been set in these all three of these sample types in the past two years!

While sharing these facts may seem boastful, the intent with sharing these facts is not. These achievements could not be possible without a hardworking laboratory staff partnering with each other to get the work done, nor without the samples sent to the lab by our partners in the industry. To each partner of A&L Great Lakes, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your trust in our expertise, your commitment to improved soil and crop management, and your passion for cultivating growth is the driving force behind our success.

As we celebrate a New Year, we are energized and inspired to continue expanding our capabilities and knowledge. The road ahead is filled with exciting opportunities, and we are eager to embark on new challenges, and enhancing both existing and new partnerships.

To our amazing team, loyal customers, and everyone who has been a part of our journey to this point – thank you. Your dedication, hard work, and passion have made ALGL what it is today and into the future.

We raise a virtual toast to a phenomenal year, let’s look forward to many more years of shared growth, collaboration, and success.

Here’s to another year of cultivating excellence together!

Relationships. They’re the most important things we help grow.