Shipping Solutions

We offer United Parcel Service (UPS) Return Shipping (RS) labels for your shipping convenience. The RS program offers you convenience and allows our customers to take advantage of our significant shipping discounts.

The cost for shipping samples with the RS program is based on the weight of the package and distance it’s shipped. This results in more accurate shipping rates and, coupled with the significant discounts offered, is a very economical option for customers to ship samples to the lab.  RS shipping charges will be applied to your A&L Great Lakes account and are not applied until after the package is received at the lab. You only pay for what you use, and all available discounts are passed along directly to you. Rather than offering promotional shipping programs we provide cost effective, streamlined, fair, and easy shipping options.

The RS program also allows packages to be tracked through the UPS Quantum View® system. This system is set up to provide the client with an email notification when a package arrives at the laboratory, providing a timely notice when your samples arrive and reducing some of the uncertainty associated with sample shipment. In addition, the Quantum View® system also notifies the client if there is any deviation in the normal processing of the shipment, alerting you in advance of any possible delays. These features help to keep you better informed about the status of your samples.

 RS labels can be ordered via our online store or by contacting the laboratory at 260-483-4759. When labels are ordered, you will be asked what type and number of samples will be in a typical package, as well as its approximate weight . This information will be used to generate labels that are appropriate for the package(s) to be shipped. The labels also contain all of the necessary client information for the package to be shipped, so no additional information needs to be entered on the label.

To ship samples to the laboratory, simply affix the RS label to the package to be shipped and deliver the package to a UPS shipping location or give to a UPS driver delivering packages to your location. Package pickup may also be available for an additional fee if you don’t already have daily UPS pickup. Contact your local UPS representative for more information on package pickup.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 260-483-4759, or by email at

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