So Why Did the Label Position on the Soil Bag Change?

There have been quite a few questions about the label position on the new soil bags. Below is a picture of the new soil bag on the left and the previous soil bag on the right.

New ALGL Soil Bag Graphics

The area for those clients using pre-printed bag labels was moved to the top of the bag from the bottom while leaving the area for handwritten bag labeling in about the same place. There was good reason for the change.

When the bags are in the inbound process we call “layout”, the bags are lined up in submittal form order on tables. This process allows lab staff to verify that all samples listed on the submittal form are present and accounted for. Before the samples are placed into drying containers, the order of the samples is verified. The information at the bottom of the soil bag is very hard to see. Most inbound samples use pre-printed labels on them and are difficult to check when placed at the bottom of the bag. Below is the view of a staff member verifying sample order when the labels are at the bottom of the bag.

Soil sample Layout

If you find the label position at the top of the bag problematic for your sample collection procedures, please place the label as high up on the bag as possible.

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