Updated Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations Are Now Available From ALGL

Beginning August 1, 2021, the updated Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations will be available from ALGL. This includes both recommendations requested on soil submittal forms and through SoilTrak.

Listed below are the details for the new recommendations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your ALGL agronomy representative.

  • The notation of the Tristate Recommendations on soil Fertility Reports will change.
    • Historically the crop name was followed by “(Tri-State)” on fertilizer reports. Ex. “Corn (Tri-State)”
    • With the changing of the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations to state-specific recommendations the notation will include:
      • “(TS-IN)” for Indiana Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations.
      • “(TS-MI)” for Michigan Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations.
      • “(TS-OH)” for Ohio Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations.
      • Original Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations will remain available for legacy data.
Updated Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations
    • The state-specific Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations will be based on the state in the shipping address for the account. If another state is desired, use the extensions after the crop name “(TS-IN)”, “(TS-MI)” and “(TS-OH)” on the submittal form.
    • The Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations apply to corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, and corn silage.
    • Corn nitrogen recommendations will refer the use of MRTN website to determine recommended N rates. Those rates can be found at http://cnrc.agron.iastate.edu/.
    • The new Tri-State State Fertilizer Recommendations will be available directly from the lab or through our SoilTrak computer program.
    • All existing SoilTrak Users can go to their eDocs account and download an updated SoilTrak install file.
      • Go to https://algreatlakes.com/pages/edocs and log into your account starting August 1, 2021.
      • The SoilTrak software can be found by changing the document filter to “SoilTrak” and the date range to “All Documents”.
      • Create a temporary folder on your PC’s desktop and download the SoilTrak zip file to that folder.
      • Navigate to that folder and right click the SoilTrak zip file and select “Extract All” from the menu.
      • Click on the SoilTrak 5 setup application to start the install of the updated files.
    • While the new Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations are based on Mehlich 3 (M3) lab data, no accounts will be converted to M3 data reporting until requested by the account holder.

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