Accessing Soil Sampling History Reports

As harvest progresses, some of you may have questions about when a field was last sampled, and whether it is due to be resampled.  Many of our customers use their Soil Sampling History Reports to identify which customer fields need to be resampled. These reports are available on our eDocs online document and data management system.


Following is a brief overview of how to access your Soil Sampling History Reports and Soil Test Data Summaries:


  1. Log in to eDocs at  Please contact us if you have forgotten your password.


  1. Change your Query Settings to match the following example:




  1. The Query Results will then show your available summary reports:













  1. Click the + in the row containing the summary report you wish to view or download:







  1. Click PDF (underlined) to view or download.


The Soil Sampling History Report helps identify or confirm which fields need to be resampled. Future summary reports will be posted to eDocs on an annual basis.  We hope that these tools will be useful to you and make your sampling efforts more efficient.


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