Celebrating Retirements - Diane Thayer!

We introduced you to Brian and Diane Thayer last Friday. This Friday, we focus on Diane.

Brian and Diane Thayer

Diane started working at A&L Great Lakes after graduating from college in June 1985. She worked as a lab technician in the Ag Lab. She left ALGL in 1987 to stay home with the kids until 1994 and then returned as a part-time lab technician in the Ag Lab. In 1999, she moved to the fertilizer lab and worked part-time until 2008 when she took the full-time role as Fertilizer Chemist.

She said what she likes best about being a part of the team is something she would not have expected when she started as a fertilizer chemist. She was completely terrified of taking phone calls. The best part has been getting to know her clients and being able to help them. She will probably never get a chance to meet many of them in person, but she will miss the interactions. She will also miss the relationships she has with her co-workers. They have laughed, argued and worked together in good times and in bad.

Diane’s favorite memory is meeting her husband Brian. Aside from that, she has fond memories of the ALGL Olympics—a day set aside for the staff to compete in groups. Each team competed in relay games where they did the job that they did not usually do. They were able to see what it was like to do another person’s job in a fun, competitive way.  The day ended with a barbeque and a cornhole tournament.

When she retires at the end of September, Diane plans to spend more time with Brian and her grandchildren. She would also like to do more traveling, take some classes, and do more gardening.


Best wishes, Diane. We will miss you!

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