Miscellaneous Soil Analyses

Preparation Charge – For individual analyses without Basic Soil Test Package (per sample) $5.00
Acid-Base Accounting Package (Neutralization Potential, Pyritic Sulfur, Potential Acidity, Net Neutralization Potential) Inquire
Aluminum (Exchangeable) $24.00
Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio Package (Total Carbon, Total Nitrogen, C:N Ratio) $31.00
Cation Exchange Capacity (by Ammonium Saturation at pH 7.0) $50.00
Chloride $20.00
Conductivity (Soluble Salts) $7.00
Corrosivity Package (Saturated Paste Extract, pH, Resistivity, Sulfate, Chloride) $70.00
Micronutrients, extractable (0.1 N HCl, Mehlich-3, DTPA, other) Inquire
Metals Inquire
Moisture $6.00
Neutralization Potential $50.00
Nitrogen, Ammonium $12.75
Nitrogen, Nitrate $11.00
Nitrogen, Nitrate plus Ammonium $17.00
Nitrogen, Total (Dumas) $13.00
Nitrogen, Total Kjeldahl $22.00
Organic Matter / Organic Carbon (Walkley-Black Titration) $32.00
Organic Matter / Organic Carbon (Combustion) $18.00
Organic Matter / Organic Carbon (LOI - Loss On Ignition) $9.00
pH, Buffer pH $7.00
Phosphorus, Extractable (Bray-1, Bray-2, Mehlich-1, Mehlich-3, Olsen) Inquire
Phosphorus, Total $35.00
Saturation Paste Package (Soil pH, Conductivity, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, SAR) $50.00
Pyritic Sulfur $60.00

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