Physical and Other Soil Analyses

Acid-Base Accounting Package (Neutralization Potential, Pyritic Sulfur, Potential Acidity, Net Neutralization Potential) Inquire
Corrosivity Package (Saturated Paste Extract, pH, Resistivity, Sulfate, Chloride) $70.00
Sand Classification (USDA Size Limits by Wet Sieving) $45.00
Bulk Density (Disturbed Soil) $17.00
Particle Size Analysis (%Sand, %Silt, %Clay, and Textural Classification by Hydrometer Method) $21.00
Particle Size Analysis (ISDH Septic System Site Evaluation) $42.00
Coarse Fragments (>2mm) $20.00
Other analyses are available. If you don't see what you are looking for, please message us!

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