Randall Warden: President and CEO, Agronomist

Randall Warden

President and CEO

A good leader is someone who gets in the trenches and does whatever it takes to get the job done.

You don’t find many agronomists who transition to the role of CEO, but that’s exactly the path Randall Warden took on his way to becoming the leader of A&L Great Lakes.

Randall grew up on a small family farm in Tennessee. As he became more involved in the family business, he became increasingly intrigued by the science behind successful farming, and the impact different variables have on a farm’s productivity. Randall pursued his interests at Tennessee Tech where he received a B.S. in Agricultural Science. He went on to Virginia Tech where he received a M.S. in Soil Chemistry. He is also a Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg), Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS), and Certified Crop Advisor (CCA).

Randall joined A&L Great Lakes in 1993. During his tenure, he has held a number of different positions within the organization, everything from agronomist to database developer. The depth and breadth of his experience at A&L Great Lakes, combined with his hands-on farming background make him an invaluable resource to both employees and customers alike.  

In his spare time, Randall is an avid sports fan. His favorite teams are his grandchildren’s, and he spends much of his free time coaching and cheering them on in their different athletic pursuits.

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